Selling prints could be so much more than spamming your clients with discount codes to make them order prints from your gallery. Instead of pushing sales of individual prints, why not sell them in bundles delivered in a personalised box. A beautiful handmade box will take a proud place in your clients home, while prints delivered in an ugly brown envelope will more than likely end up in the bottom drawer. As photographers we often describe our work as legacy we’re going to leave for future generations, and tangible product is the best way to do it, but even the most beautiful images will have no impact if no one will see them.

So here’s our advice. Forget about individual prints and try selling them in beautifully packed bundles. Order a sample box or a set of boxes, take some beautiful images of your packaging or even better take it to every client meeting. Explain to your customers why it’s so important for every family to have a box full of printed memories and add that extra product to your packages.

And remember, if you don’t have time to deal with printing, wrapping etc, we can do it all for you with our all inclusive service, all we need is your online gallery.

Here are some examples of print boxes you can find in our store:

print box for photographersprint box for photographersprint box for photographersHow to make extra money selling prints. 2book shaped wooden box