In these competitive times, photographers like you need a real USP. Wooden Banana’s authentic print and USB boxes offer a great starting point, but how do you get the most out of them? Here are five ways our boxes can work for your business.

1. Order a sample and take it to client meetings. Giving potential customers the chance to see and feel a tangible product increases the chance of booking.

print box for photographers

2. Use the boxes as an upsell. Not everyone can afford an expensive album, so why not offer your clients and their family an option to buy a box of prints? With our all-inclusive service, you don’t even have to do anything – we simply deliver the box directly to your clients.

img 3876

3. Take some amazing photos of our box or your packaging and add it to your website and brochure. Let the clients be wowed by the way you deliver your images.

packaging photographers

4. Send the box of prints to your couples as an anniversary gift. Give them another reason to talk about you when they’re no longer your clients.

sample boxes from wooden banana

5. Whenever possible, deliver the box to the bride’s work address. Let the excitement of opening a beautiful box spread around the office and everyone will want one. It’s called micro-marketing.

img 8621
And most importantly of all: ALWAYS PRINT YOUR WORK. Even the coolest looking computers will look outdated in 20 years. An image printed on quality paper can only look better.