November packaging inspiration by Ewelina Zieba 1

November packaging inspiration by Ewelina Zieba

If you follow our Instagram then you probably know we love warm natural photography, so autumn is our favourite season of the year ( apart from rain of course ). You'll probably be familiar with Ewelina Zieba, one of our favourite photographers, who we have featured on our social media couple of times. This time we decided to dedicate our monthly inspiration post wholly to her, because, well, the images she sent us simply blew us away.

There a few products featured below, but the ones you should definately check are laser cut box and wooden memory stick that you can see in dark oak and pink here.

november packaging inspirationnovember packaging inspirationnovember packaging inspirationnovember packaging inspirationnovember packaging inspirationnovember packaging inspirationnovember packaging inspiration

october photography packaging inspiration

October Photography Packaging Inspiration.

October photography packaging inspiration.

October. October? Yes, October. How did it happen we don't know, but it's nearly the end of October. Was it a quick year for you? It definitely was for us, it feels like we were only starting the season and it's not nearly finished. The good news? Now it's the time when you can slow down, edit the rest of your work and focus on the next year. It's also the time when you can either utilise the word of mouth to get more bookings for next year, or waste that opportunity. Send all your 2019 clients a box with prints and the good word about your services will got far and wide. And if you're not sure where to start here's out October inspiration, thanks to our talented friends and clients.

Would you like to be featured here? Make sure you use our hashtag #Wooden Banana every time you post something on Instagram.

October Photography Packaging Inspiration

Lena Sabala //
Classic Rectangular Box in natural // Buy It Here

October Photography Packaging Inspiration

Dan Jenson //
Classic Square Box with Glass Bottle USB// Buy It Here

October Photography Packaging Inspiration

Erica Gilbertson //
Glass Bottle USB // Buy It Here

October Photography Packaging InspirationKiro + Kiwi //
Hinged Rectangular Box in  // Buy It Here

October Photography Packaging Inspiration

Mark Pacura //
Wooden Memory Stick in pink // Buy It Here

October Photography Packaging Inspiration

Curious Creatures Photography //
Classic Square Box with Wooden Block USB in walnut // Buy It Here

October Photography Packaging Inspiration

Wolf Maria Photo //
Classic Rectangular Box for 6x4 prints // Buy It Here

October Photography Packaging Inspiration

Balint handler //
Classic Rectangular Box in light blue ( Funky Banana Range ) // Buy It Here

way up north wooden banana party

Way Up North Party in Stockholm.

Our minds are still in a whirlwind, and there's one reason for it. Way Up North in Stockholm. We're not even going to try and put in words all the wisdom, stories, laughs and knowledge that was shared by a group of incredible speakers from all over the world. That would probably require writing a book and not a short blog post.

There was one phrase that started to circulate around the event early on the first day, and soon became like a buzzword, a one word description of the whole event. Community. It felt like we all knew it before, but it never hit home as much as in Stockholm couple of days ago ( Whitney Chamberlin's closing presentation pretty much engraved it on everyone's mind ). There's so much more to this event than keynotes and sponsor stands. It's an amazing, likeminded group of people, who over time changed from being attendees to being friends.


Watch the video below to be blown away, and make sure you book the ticket to next Way Up North here. We'll be there again.

Music lifting the roof by Michael and Matthew from Flashdance DJs, images by the magician of photography Maciej Magic Suwalowski.


It's the 2nd time Magic's been blowing us all away with his party photography skills, and in the spirit of community he decided to show the world how he does it. Details coming soon on our Instagram, so make sure you follow us here. 

3 simple ways to make your photography packaging extra personal. 2

3 simple ways to make your photography packaging extra personal.

September "pro banana" tip - personal packaging for photographers.

If you've been following us, you've probably seen the message we're trying to get across - the box is just a start. We're a packaging company, but what we sell is not just a couple of pieces of wood glued together. What we do is give you a tool, a small platform, which you can ( and should ) use to make the way you deliver your images work your advantage. In short, you have to impress your clients. It does not matter what's your goal - more recommendations from clients, more print sales or maybe just seeing your clients being excited and happy.

What's the best way to achieve it? Make your clients feel like you've taken an extra care. There're plenty of ways to do it, and some of them are easily accessible from our website.

Engrave the names or dates on the box. 

It's easy, and free. At the time of writing this we don't charge extra for personalising each box. What if you want to order in bulk, but you don't know all the names in advance? Not a problem, we can engrave boxes for confirmed bookings with the names, and the rest with your logo.

Also, did you know you can outsource packaging with our All Inclusive Service? We'll do all the hard work and make sure all your clients will have a beautiful box with your photos and their names delivered directly to them. All we need is 5 min of your time.

personal packaging for photographerspersonal packaging for photographers

Thank you cards. 

If you haven't seen them before, they're great! Our wooden thank you cards come in different shapes and sizes and you have a choice of going for our design or create your own. It's a beautiful, and unique way of telling your clients how grateful you are. Cute, inexpensive and effective.

Accordion albums. 

In a digital world handmade product never comes unnoticed. Add another layer to your packaging by including a small album in the box, with a couple of your favourite prints. It works amazing with Instax prints too, just check the image below. personal packaging for photographers

Have another tip, or maybe you're very proud of your packaging. Let us know and we'll be over the moon to show it here.