Let me tell you a story. A mini-tale.

I’ve started photographing in 2011. A year later I went to Nordica Photography and Fer Juaristi’s workshop in Stockholm, where I met Cole Roberts. Thanks to the Nordica FB group ( which sadly does not exists anymore ) I’ve captured “I dos” on pretty much every corner of the planet.

2014. While Cole was busy giving life to Way Up North, I was swaddling Wooden Banana into existence. Fast forward, WUN is now Europe’s most popular wedding photo-conference, and we’re the life of the after-party!

Another few years later and we’ve started an adventure workshop called Roadie together, hosted in the most epic locations in Europe.

Why share this personal tale, you wonder?

Because it perfectly illustrates how these experiences—be it a conference, workshop, or casual meet-up—can serve as catalysts in your life and career. I’ve attended 10s of different events since 2011. I’ve made many lifelong friends, found the inspiration when I needed it the most and been reminded that there’s still something new to learn even if you think you’ve seen it all. Going to events have pretty much shaped my business.

The conclusion?
You need two secret sauces to grow: learning & buddying up. 
If you’ve ever had an inkling to take a workshop plunge, now’s the moment.

So what’s next? These are the events I’ve attended multiple times and can wholeheartedly vouch for their value.

The Big Banana – Way Up North – 400+ people. Meet intriguing characters, soak in new wisdom, and throw in your own pinch of spice to the mix. Network, learn, join incredible community and, yes, prep your dancing shoes for Wooden Banana afterparty you won’t forget.

The Medium Banana – Thrive by Photography Farm – Slightly smaller than WUN and hosted by Lisa, who’s basically the Dumbledore of photo-education. She chooses the line up of speakers meticulously every year, to make sure Thrive is like a crash course in levelling up your game.

A Small Banana – there are many individual workshops out there, but vet them like a Tinder date – good looks or beautiful IG portfolio might not be enough for the host to be a good educator – check their track record.
Fancy an adventure with a 6am mountain sunrise shoot – check our Roadie Workshop.

A Courious Banana – my personal fave. Feeling burnt out. Shake things out. If your camera only comes out of its bag for work, you’re on a fast track to falling out of love with photography. Explore. Learn something new. One of the most rejuvenating things I’ve done to keep my love for photography at peak levels was participating in a week-long street photography workshop in Bangladesh. It was led by Maciej Dakowicz, a photographer I’ve looked up to for years. Curious to see the shots? They’re available here.

Whatever event you pick—and let’s be real, the choices are plentiful—just keep your eyes, mind, and heart wide open Trust me, you’ll get your money’s worth—and then some!