Styled shoot with Howards Events 1

Styled shoot with Howards Events

It's always exciting to see what our clients and friends can do with our boxes, and we always say, that it's not just about the box, it's what's inside it that really matters. That's the reason why we decided to give away free boxes for everyone who's got an idea for photoshoot or any other creative project and think our products can play a role in it. Tamara from Howards Events, was one of the first few people to reach us, and we're blown away with the results. Together with Hanna Shearman, a super talented photographer from England they have proved that there's really no limit to your imagination when it comes to creative shoots. We absolutely love the photos.

Do you have a creative idea and would love to use our products? Fill in this form and we'll come back to you.

stylel shoot with howards eventsstylel shoot with howards eventsstylel shoot with howards eventsstylel shoot with howards events

bananas about clients with Lena Sabala

Showing your clients you're bananas about them with Lena Sabala

The last few months have been difficult for everyone, and listening to our community of clients and friends who work in weddings, it's clear that it's one of the most affected industries during the COVID outbreak. Being a wedding vendor these days is pretty much limited to dealing with constant emails regarding cancellations and postponements. It's unprecedented and it's stressful. It's also easy to forget that most of the time, the person on the the other side of the email is a heartbroken bride or groom to be, who's plans of a dream wedding have either been completely shattered or, in the best scenario, postponed until 2021 or 2022. That person needs to send 10s of emails to friends and family, ask them to cancel often expensive travel plans and juggle many different vendors to keep everyone happy. If there ever was time to be extra nice to your clients, it is now. One of our favourite photographers, Lena Sabala, does it in such a unique and brilliant way, it actually encouraged us to add the idea she's using to our store. She created different sets of wooden coffee coasters, that she sends together with beautiful tea bags and a handwritten message to all her clients who were forced to reschedule their weddings. We love the idea, and we're absolutely certain that Lena's clients love it even more.

Lena's work is amazing ( you can see some examples below ), but like most of us, she can't take photos at the moment. What she does then, is making sure her clients are looking forward to work with her even more than before this madness froze the world for a couple of months.

You can check Lena's work here. If you'd like to send your clients something similar, our coffee coasters are available here.

emma shaw photography packaging

Emma Shaw Photography packaging

Being in lockdown for nearly 3 months is not good for any kind of inspiration, even if organising home photography studio in our dining room ( best natural light ) was actually really awarding. Thankfully, we have our clients to keep us as excited about what we do as ever, and throw tons of amazing work at us. If anything, it reminds us that what we do is not just manufacturing boxes. It's so much more than that, but in short, we help our clients make their clients happy, and happiness is all we need at the moment.

Here's a perfect example from Emma Shaw Photography, a super talented photographer from UK. This is how she delivers new born sessions ( she also shoots weddings and families ). We're pretty the proud parents will look for any opportunity to take this box out and show it to the family and friends, when this madness is finally over and we can all see each other.

If you'd like to see Emma's amazing work you can follow her Instagram here, and she chose our classic square box with a slot in walnut.

pink wine box

Wooden Banana Top 3 - ideas how to use Wine Boxes

Hello Wooden Banana lovers! It's your boy Magic with the newest series of videos, this time presenting 3 ideas of how to use our Wine Boxes. Check out our new video, cause again - the photos... they don't do the justice here and let us know which products are your favourite ones!

1. Bridesmaids gifts - pink wine box

There is no better way to say thank you to your Bridesmaids than sending them personalised message engraved on beautiful, pink wooden box. The pink colour will go really well with Rose Wine, but you can choose any other bottle you know your girls are gonna like!

Box is made out of top quality, very strong and durable alder wood. Wine - sadly, not included.

2. Birthday gift - two bottle wine box

Are you out of the ideas for a birthday gift? We got you covered! Our two bottle wine boxes can be engraved with anything - some drawing of yours, few lines of text or maybe a logo. Fill the box with some rare, local wines and WOW effect is guaranteed. Also, the box itself can be transformed into a very nice storage box for literally anything. All you need to do is unscrew wine holders!

3. Deliver your photos / videos with Personalised Wine Box

One of our most requested features for our photo delivery wooden boxes was - "Can you make it big enough, so we can fit a bottle of wine in it?". So there we have it! Our new personalised wine boxes can be equipped with a special slot holding matching colour, wooden USB stick! Impress your clients with something they would't expect - engrave your logo on the top cover, pick your favourite local wine, burn the USB and send it over (or use our All Inclusive Service, so we can do it for you).

Check out all those wine boxes in our website HERE.

And that's it for this week! Thanks so much for watching! Let us know if you have other ideas on how to use the Wine Boxes or maybe you have some feature requests, that we could implement - we're open to all suggestions!