Wooden Banana Top 3 - boxes of the week 1

Wooden Banana Top 3 - boxes of the week

Hello again Wooden Bananers! It’s Magic with here this week's top 3 wooden boxes for photographers. Make sure you watch the video, cause that's the only way to see all the magic!

BONUS FEATURE - All inclusive service for wedding photographers

So this week I'm starting with a product that never goes through my hands. How is that possible - you might wanna ask? Yep, that is the special service from Wooden Banana - they do everything for us. So the only thing I need to prepare is a link to my client's online gallery, their address and pick the product from the All inclusive line. Wooden Banana will download the photos, burn them on the engraved USB stick, print the photos, put them in the box of my choice, decorate, address and send! Woopa. It's that simple.

Check it out it the store HERE.

  1. Wooden Drawer Box

This one is pretty badass. On one hand you see the classic square box, but the way it opens it pretty unique. It slides smoothly to reveal your beautiful photos and can be equipped with USB stick (you can choose few different options). As always you can engrave your logo on the top of the box. But because of the way it opens up it can be stored on the shelf among the books or even be used as a nice looking wooden stand for anthing (you'll always be able to open it up).

2. Instax prints box

Ok, now get ready for some next level business stuff. These little babies made all of my last year's couples beyond happy. They are made to fit instax prints and you can really take advantage of that on the wedding day. You can either shoot some instax photos at the wedding and then fill this box with them or you can use instax printer, to print some photos you shot with either your camera or phone. The way I did it was using the printer and at the end of each wedding I was transferring some cool photos I've taken during the day to my phone to print them up (I was using SP-3 printer), put in the box and surprise my couples with it. It works like a charm! You need to try that!

3. Wooden USB case

And the last, but not least - the tiny wooden case for 'just' USB. This one is mostly used by videographers. One of the coolest solutions to deliver wedding video is to burn it on this elegant wooden USB stick with case - both with your logo engraved on it. Also can be used by photographers who don't do prints that much or prefer to sell albums - delivering memory stick in wooden case like this along the album will work like magic!

And here we are! Our top 3 wooden boxes from wooden banana for this week is over. Let us know in the comments if you have any favourite products and see you next time!

Joining forces with Pic-Time 8

Joining forces with Pic-Time

We’re extremely happy to announce that Wooden Banana have joined the growing family of labs and products available through Pic-Time store. If you’re not familiar with Pic-Time, it’s an online workspace, that offers everything from fresh and thoughtful online galleries to fully automated build in stores. We, as photographers, have been using it for years.

You can read more about this exciting partnership and see the products available in PIc Time store here.

To celebrate this new exciting partnership, every new Pic-Time client can now get 15% discount on yearly plan, just use the code WOODENBANANA. ( valid till 30th of March ).

wooden usb case

New Products - February

Few weeks in and we already know that 2020 will be an exciting year. We have started with a bang and released our own podcast, Peeling Bananas. We’re confirmed another Wooden Banana party at Way Up North in Copenhagen, but the most important thing is that we have so many new products and changes in the pipeline, some of them outside of what we have been doing so far. We’re starting with 2 new boxes – USB case, and a drawer box. We’re proud of both of them, but love the drawer box in particular, as this is a new concept we haven’t tried before. Check them out and let us know if you have any questions.

We're starting a podcast! 9

We're starting a podcast!

PEELING BANANAS with Hannah Millard and Jacob Loafman

Make content for photographers, not just the popular products! It is one of Wooden Banana New Year’s resolutions. Easier said than done, but we’ve done the first step, and yes, “it’s bananas”. What is it that we, photographers, do most of the time? It isn’t photographing for sure. We spend endless hours staring at computer screens, driving, hanging around airports or ferry terminals. In short, we spend a lot of time alone. That’s where your podcast app comes in handy, and there’s an abundance of good podcasts out there, but hey, we decided to make our own. At the point of this post is published we have three episodes ready, so to keep things short, here’s a two-word description of what the podcast is about: pure entertainment. According to our Wooden Banana institute of statistics, photographers are at high risk of dying of boredom while in a process of editing photos. We thought it would be a good idea to shift that and put you at risk of dying of laughter when you listen to our podcast. And that’s where our hosts come into the light. Hannah Millard, Jacob Loafman. Both amazing artists of course, but since you’re not here to look at their work, let’s just say their broadcasting skills are simply “bananas”.

Episode 1 - "Let's break the ice"

Tune in and listen to the first episode "Let's break the ice" and tag @woodenbananastore in your insta stories if you're enjoying this!


Listen on: iTunes or Google Podcasts



Hannah Millard aka Camera Hannah is a wedding photographer and filmmaker from Derbyshire, England. When she isn’t shooting weddings you can usually find her singing barbershop, eating breakfast food and hanging out with her three children.

IG @camerahannah


Jacob Loafman is a photographer living in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, USA. His primary focus is to simply create interesting work. "Photography is just the medium I've found where I can express myself easily, so here we are." He enjoys living on a lake, so he can hop on his boat and go fishing most days. Jacob also enjoys sneaking candy into movie theatres, because he loves the adrenaline rush.

IG @jacob_loafman

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