3 simple ways to make your photography packaging extra personal. 1

3 simple ways to make your photography packaging extra personal.

September "pro banana" tip - personal packaging for photographers.

If you've been following us, you've probably seen the message we're trying to get across - the box is just a start. We're a packaging company, but what we sell is not just a couple of pieces of wood glued together. What we do is give you a tool, a small platform, which you can ( and should ) use to make the way you deliver your images work your advantage. In short, you have to impress your clients. It does not matter what's your goal - more recommendations from clients, more print sales or maybe just seeing your clients being excited and happy.

What's the best way to achieve it? Make your clients feel like you've taken an extra care. There're plenty of ways to do it, and some of them are easily accessible from our website.

Engrave the names or dates on the box. 

It's easy, and free. At the time of writing this we don't charge extra for personalising each box. What if you want to order in bulk, but you don't know all the names in advance? Not a problem, we can engrave boxes for confirmed bookings with the names, and the rest with your logo.

Also, did you know you can outsource packaging with our All Inclusive Service? We'll do all the hard work and make sure all your clients will have a beautiful box with your photos and their names delivered directly to them. All we need is 5 min of your time.

personal packaging for photographerspersonal packaging for photographers

Thank you cards. 

If you haven't seen them before, they're great! Our wooden thank you cards come in different shapes and sizes and you have a choice of going for our design or create your own. It's a beautiful, and unique way of telling your clients how grateful you are. Cute, inexpensive and effective.

Accordion albums. 

In a digital world handmade product never comes unnoticed. Add another layer to your packaging by including a small album in the box, with a couple of your favourite prints. It works amazing with Instax prints too, just check the image below. personal packaging for photographers

Have another tip, or maybe you're very proud of your packaging. Let us know and we'll be over the moon to show it here.

seo tips for photographers

SEO tips for photographers - insta takeover with Tom Robak

Do you follow us on Instagram? It's a place where we share most of our content, drop news, showcase our clients work or even give away cameras ( you can win a Sony Alpha a7iii here ), but now we're giving you another reason to be there. We're in love with Insta Stories, it's a feature we use a lot in different ways, and our latest idea is to let some industry leaders, specialist and interesting people to take over our account and answer all your questions. We've just done the first take over, and the topic was something that every photographer ( or videographer ) should be interested in knowing as much as possible. The infamous SEO. We've invited Tom Robak, the industry leader in SEO optimisation, who's also a great photographer. He's spent couple of hours answering your questions, and below are a few examples ( and tips ) of what you've been asking about.


seo tips for photographers
Should I focus on one simple keyword per blog post or 1-2 long-tail keywords.

Of course you can use more keywords but more keywords = more complicated optimisation.

What has the most positive effect on websites seo?

All critical factors like: Content that targets user search queries, Uniqueness of content, Speed, Responsive Website, Freshness and Quality of Links.

What has the most negative effect on websites seo?

Not all factors are positive. Negative factors listed below are absolute trouble and will have negative effect: Spam, Manipulative Links, Thin Content, Robots.txt blocking, Hidden text or links, Privacy Notices, Rich Snippet Spam, Overly long urls, Slow Speed, False / Misleading / Offensive / Porn / Explicit Content (usually from Malware), Sneaky Redirects, Bad Domain History. As you can see list is long... I picked the most important negative factors.

How can I increase my seo for free?

Easy! First learn a bit from Google our YouTube or books or even my FB group "Not As Usual". Then: optimise website (speed, technical factors). When you sort that next step will be a bit time consuming but it's gold! Blog, write, deliver relevant content (use your creativity, your work, or do research to see what brides are talking about these days and make some blogs with advice, tips, wedding planning etc - mainly for wedding photographers).

How do you create an seo strategy?

seo tips for photographers

That's a bit more complicated. All depend on your market, area and competitors.... and of course your goal and skills.

Does submitting to online blogs for real wedding features affect my seo in positive way? 

Sure. If online blog created a good link to your blog/website then it will help you with exposure in Google. Simply their authority will stand by you + you will get more people who admire your work via that blog... more marketing not purely seo... 🙂

Are there any quick and positive seo hacks?

In SEO it's complicated when go ahead with shortcuts. Too risky. But what you could do is to spread homepage link authority. Getting more pages ranking is better rather than having one superstar homepage. Second hack - publish content with at least 1800 words (pick some good topic!). Another hack - if you are using wordpress install Broken Link Checker and get rid of all dead links! Last safe hack - update, upgrade and republish old blog posts (that will boost your seo!) oh... quick might be also stealing your competitors best keywords... 😛

Is a blog still useful for your seo as wedding photographer? Or are there any better ways?

Blog is the winner - always. The best place to deliver content, show your work and finally convert visitors to clients. Bunch of targeted landing pages might be better than blog - but it's also focused on google client only... so no matter what - BLOG!

Name 5 most important wordpress plugins.

1. Yoast or SEO Press + Google XML Sitemaps (to replace yoast sitemaps)
2. WP-Rocket or Litespeed (or some free set of plugins as alternative)
3. Something to protect against spam (I use free Akismet Anti-Spam)
4. Something to backup website (I use UpdraftPlus)
5. Post SMPT (or anything to force website communication via email)

Of course you will need also contact form plugin, something to analytics (I use CAOS for Analytics), something for redirections, and something for fine tweaks 🙂 5 is mentioned... in total I have 26 active plugins and they are must have on my website.

Does it matter if text comes first or images first in the blogpost?


What are quality links?

Quality links = those links you "earned" on high authority/popular websites. Ideally in the same industry.

How important is speed of the website for ranking. Is 1.3s quick?

1.3s is an amazing result. Of course this is homepage loading time. Would be good to check other pages and blog posts loading time. And yes... faster website is a winner. Even for the visitors experience, if they have to wait 8-10s to see each page more likely they will leave...

Is creating multiple pages on the website for different locations, venues etc a good technique?

Yes it is very popular way to get more visitors. Just remember unique content and relevant pages.

How do I test the speed of my website and how do I improve it?

Start with tools.pingdom.com. How to improve it? Well, depend what suggestions you will get on this speed test.

seo tips for photographersWhat % or your weddings are booked through SEO and google?

Approx 40%. Just need better filters for the rest and all will be from Google. However if you ask about number of enquiries - it's approx 80% from Google and 20% referral and wedding planners. So those 40% through Google is pretty good amount. However 20% enquiries from wedding planners were a bit more expensive and 100% hit.

Does Google My Business have any impact on SEO?

Of course - verifying your business in Google is important. Better exposure + trust.

What do you think of those using Squarespace. Is WP better for SEO?

For SEO yes, WordPress is flexible. Squarespace is out of the box product. And somehow you will be limited, but it's still a good product to use.


Thank you very much to everyone who took part and to Tom for sharing his knowledge. If you have a person you'd like to see on our story just drop us an email.

How to make extra money selling prints. 2

How to make extra money selling prints.

Selling prints could be so much more than spamming your clients with discount codes to make them order prints from your gallery. Instead of pushing sales of individual prints, why not sell them in bundles delivered in a personalised box. A beautiful handmade box will take a proud place in your clients home, while prints delivered in an ugly brown envelope will more than likely end up in the bottom drawer. As photographers we often describe our work as legacy we're going to leave for future generations, and tangible product is the best way to do it, but even the most beautiful images will have no impact if no one will see them.

So here's our advice. Forget about individual prints and try selling them in beautifully packed bundles. Order a sample box or a set of boxes, take some beautiful images of your packaging or even better take it to every client meeting. Explain to your customers why it's so important for every family to have a box full of printed memories and add that extra product to your packages.

And remember, if you don't have time to deal with printing, wrapping etc, we can do it all for you with our all inclusive service, all we need is your online gallery.

Here are some examples of print boxes you can find in our store:

print box for photographersprint box for photographersprint box for photographersbook shaped wooden box

keepsake box for photographers

5 ways to make photography packaging work for you.

In these competitive times, photographers like you need a real USP. Wooden Banana’s authentic print and USB boxes offer a great starting point, but how do you get the most out of them? Here are five ways our boxes can work for your business.

1. Order a sample and take it to client meetings. Giving potential customers the chance to see and feel a tangible product increases the chance of booking.

print box for photographers

2. Use the boxes as an upsell. Not everyone can afford an expensive album, so why not offer your clients and their family an option to buy a box of prints? With our all-inclusive service, you don’t even have to do anything – we simply deliver the box directly to your clients.

3. Take some amazing photos of our box or your packaging and add it to your website and brochure. Let the clients be wowed by the way you deliver your images.

4. Send the box of prints to your couples as an anniversary gift. Give them another reason to talk about you when they’re no longer your clients.

5. Whenever possible, deliver the box to the bride’s work address. Let the excitement of opening a beautiful box spread around the office and everyone will want one. It’s called micro-marketing.

And most importantly of all: ALWAYS PRINT YOUR WORK. Even the coolest looking computers will look outdated in 20 years. An image printed on quality paper can only look better.