Being in lockdown for nearly 3 months is not good for any kind of inspiration, even if organising home photography studio in our dining room ( best natural light ) was actually really awarding. Thankfully, we have our clients to keep us as excited about what we do as ever, and throw tons of amazing work at us. If anything, it reminds us that what we do is not just manufacturing boxes. It’s so much more than that, but in short, we help our clients make their clients happy, and happiness is all we need at the moment.

Here’s a perfect example from Emma Shaw Photography, a super talented photographer from UK. This is how she delivers new born sessions ( she also shoots weddings and families ). We’re pretty the proud parents will look for any opportunity to take this box out and show it to the family and friends, when this madness is finally over and we can all see each other.

If you’d like to see Emma’s amazing work you can follow her Instagram here, and she chose our classic square box with a slot in walnut.

Emma Shaw Photography packaging 1Emma Shaw Photography packaging 2Emma Shaw Photography packaging 3Emma Shaw Photography packaging 4Emma Shaw Photography packaging 5