Make money and save money with Wooden Banana"kick in the butt program"

This is not a drill, this is a challenge!

Things have been tough in photography world in the last 12 months. Jobs lost, weddings, sessions and projects postponed, deposits refunded. You have been affected, and let’s be honest, we’ve felt it as well. We’ve regrouped though, looked for new avenues and dug deep to push forward with them. Now it’s your turn. We’re challenging you with our kick in the butt program.


If you’ve never offered albums, it’s time. If you never gave your clients a chance to order prints, it’s time. I you haven’t updated your sample album since 2013, it’s time.

Accept our challenge, and complete the steps below. Each step gives you another 5% off, which in total make 20% discount.  That’s just a start though.

The real benefit in completing those steps is that you’ll end up with a set of tools that will let you not only make your clients happier, but increase your product sales with much less effort.


Order the album before the 20th of May and we’ll design it for free.

make money with wooden banana albums 1

Step 1. Order a sample album or all inclusive box.

Start by ordering an album or all inclusive box from our store. Links below.

Order the albumOrder All Inclusive Box

Step 2. Take some awesome images and send them to us.

Simple. Take some beautiful photos or videos when your products arrive and send them to us. Be creative, blurry iPhone pics on your kitchen table don’t count.

Step 3. Make a post about your new products on social media, or highlighted story on your IG.

Let the world know about your new products. Make a post on Facebook or Instagram about them ( that’s when images from step 2 become handy ) or save a story to your Instagram Highlights. Make sure to tag @woodenbananastore in your posts.

Step 4. Prepare a PDF or a brochure for your website with new products offer.

This might be the hardest part, but the one that’s the most beneficial in the long term. Make a landing page or a pdf dedicated to products on your website. Not just a simple price list, but a guide that tells them about the importance of having their photographs printed in a beautiful way.

permium all inclusive box from wooden banana 1 2