Let us introduce Wooden Banana’s new Quality Control Director.

Her name is Hannah and she was promoted to this role by Mark, our CEO Mark, in October 2017. Although officially her title is QC Director, in reality she’s our new BOSS.

Hannah can be very demanding, she knows exactly what she wants, and the most importantly she always gets what she wants – you don’t become a QC director without skills like that. She might have an adorable smile and beautiful eyes but trust us, she knows how to express her dislike of something.

Today was Hannah first day at the office, she carried some quality tests on our products and spoke to our admin and logistics teams. We can proudly say that we have passed an audit obtaining the highest scores. She was particularly impressed with our office in Glasgow, new colourful boxes and USBs ( pink was her favourite ), but made one small suggestion. She would be much happier to see more faces around, so if you’re ever in Glasgow and would like to see our products or try our in house coffee ( Banana flavour of course ;-) ) make sure you come and say hello. We’re based in The Whisky Bond building, not far from the city centre.

You are probably extremely curious how this adorable lady looks like, so here she is. First of many days at the office.

new quality director