September “pro banana” tip – personal packaging for photographers.

If you’ve been following us, you’ve probably seen the message we’re trying to get across – the box is just a start. We’re a packaging company, but what we sell is not just a couple of pieces of wood glued together. What we do is give you a tool, a small platform, which you can ( and should ) use to make the way you deliver your images work your advantage. In short, you have to impress your clients. It does not matter what’s your goal – more recommendations from clients, more print sales or maybe just seeing your clients being excited and happy.

What’s the best way to achieve it? Make your clients feel like you’ve taken an extra care. There’re plenty of ways to do it, and some of them are easily accessible from our website.

Engrave the names or dates on the box. 

It’s easy, and free. At the time of writing this we don’t charge extra for personalising each box. What if you want to order in bulk, but you don’t know all the names in advance? Not a problem, we can engrave boxes for confirmed bookings with the names, and the rest with your logo.

Also, did you know you can outsource packaging with our All Inclusive Service? We’ll do all the hard work and make sure all your clients will have a beautiful box with your photos and their names delivered directly to them. All we need is 5 min of your time.

personal packaging for photographerspersonal packaging for photographers

Thank you cards. 

If you haven’t seen them before, they’re great! Our wooden thank you cards come in different shapes and sizes and you have a choice of going for our design or create your own. It’s a beautiful, and unique way of telling your clients how grateful you are. Cute, inexpensive and effective.

3 simple ways to make your photography packaging extra personal. 2

Accordion albums. 

In a digital world handmade product never comes unnoticed. Add another layer to your packaging by including a small album in the box, with a couple of your favourite prints. It works amazing with Instax prints too, just check the image below. 3 simple ways to make your photography packaging extra personal. 3personal packaging for photographers

Have another tip, or maybe you’re very proud of your packaging. Let us know and we’ll be over the moon to show it here.