dolomiti colours 1

Dolomiti Suede

Born from the love of adventure.
Our special Wooden Banana version of suede.
Soft, smooth, delicate and amazing to touch.

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selfoss velvet cover 2

Selfoss Velvet

Inspired by moss covered lava of Iceland.
Soft, luxurious, slightly shiny fabric made from evenly cut thick fibres

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cali linen 3

Cali Natural

Inspired by Californian dream.
Natural, carefully selected, high quality durable linen. As one of the world’s oldest textiles, you can call it a classic.

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canary colours 1 4

Canary Leather

Influenced by blues, browns and endless patterns of Canary Islands.
80% natural leather in timeless, ‘vintage’ and exclusive form. Incredible to touch, with slightly aged look and grain effect.

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