Close your eyes ( after reading this ;-) ). Imagine yourself and your family in 20 or 30 years. Imagine the moment you find a box like this one with the most precious images – your wedding day, your child’s first birthday, your first holidays as a family. Imagine your grandkids opening this box. What we do as photographers is keeping memories alive. Our duty is to print those memories and make sure they’re safe, in our own homes, and in homes of our clients’.

Here’s what you get. 

– a beautifully handcrafted box with your design engraved on the lid.
– the box will be packaged in a custom made cardboard box, that you can re-use for postage


All our boxes are made from alder wood. It’s a much higher quality material compared to commonly used pine wood, and the main advantages are higher durability and significantly better results when engraved ( and yes, we use the best engraving machines on the market ). To make sure adhesive is fully dried, there are no hidden faults and no odour, we keep the stock of boxes in our warm and dry warehouse for at least a month, before they’re used for personalisation. Each box is hand made with the highest precision, and our staff have years of experience working with timber. We manually check each unit before posting it and give it a final hand polish for smooth edges.

We only use timber sourced with very strict Forest Stewardship regulations.
We’re 100% plastic free company, which means no plastic is used in production or shipping of our products.

Dimensions: 196 x 136mm ( 7.75″ x 5.5″ )
Can hold up to 80 15×10 ( 6×4 ) prints. You can order prints here.

Free shipping worldwide in custom made cardboard packaging for perfect protection.


Additional information

Natural, Light oak, Dark oak, Walnut, Ebony

Site credit Tom Robak