Hey, It’s Mark, the owner of Wooden Banana. I’ve never asked my friends, followers, clients for anything, but this year is different. I know 2020 has been challenging for all of us, hospitality and wedding industry in particular. I know we’ve been struggling, many of us had no support form the government, were made redundant and had to find new jobs. I know being stuck at home for months, not being able to see even the closest family has been difficult. Most tragically, some of us lost someone because of this terrible illness.

But if can read this, if you own a computer or a brand new smartphone, if one of your worries is what you’re going to watch on Netflix this evening, then even if your business have been badly affected by global pandemic, the truth is, in a grand scale of things, you can still consider yourself lucky.
That’s the reason why I’m asking for help. Not for myself, but for the people who are less fortunate than us. Last year around this time I was travelling around Bangladesh, an amazing country with the most amazing and beautiful people. Bangladesh is one of the poorest places in the world. Most of the children have no access to education, quite often because they have to work. Ever since pandemic started I kept thinking how this beautiful country is coping with virus, if the whole Europe or US seem to be struggling so badly. Few weeks ago I watched a documentary ( Episode 1&2 / Tales by Light / Netflix  ), that pretty much transported me back to all paces I’ve visited there, but also made me realise that I can actually try and make a small positive change with the photos I have taken there.

That’s how this calendar was born. All I’m asking you is for few £ you were planning to spend on a pair of slippers, a pyjama or a t-shirt, manufactured by one of the massive conglomerates, often abusing labour rights in places like Bangladesh.




Size: 30x45cm
Printed on 200 g/m2 paper.
Number of pages: 14

Site credit Tom Robak