In a world of boxes or wooden packaging this is like the newest model of Tesla. We’re the first ones to come up with the USB slot, and to this day it’s one of our proudest moments. In fact, it’s even better than Tesla – it’s 100% made of natural materials, sourced according to the strictest regulations and you don’t have to recharge it.  Technical jargon aside, it’s a simply beautiful product, and works great in building your clients brand experience.

Here’s what you get. 

– a set of beautifully handcrafted hinged boxes with your design engraved on the lid.
– a set of 3.0 wooden USBs with highest spec chip ( also engraved ).
– each box is individually packed in a custom made cardboard box, that you can re-use for postage.


6x4 Box sets

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    Jute bags & linen folders are for 6x4 prints only.

  • Number of strings. *

  • Number of jute bags. *

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    If you'd like different design on the box and USB please name the files: usb.jpg, box. jpg. For individual personalisation please email file size: 1000 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif


All our boxes are made from alder wood. It’s a much higher quality material compared to commonly used pine wood, and the main advantages are higher durability and significantly better results when engraved ( and yes, we use the best engraving machines on the market ). To make sure adhesive is fully dried, there are no hidden faults and no odour, we keep the stock of boxes in our warm and dry warehouse for at least a month, before they’re used for personalisation. Each box is hand made with the highest precision, and our staff have years of experience working with timber. We manually check each unit before posting it and give it a final hand polish for smooth edges.

Main features

boxes for photographers

The highest quality materials and craftsmanship. This is not a cheap Ebay box.

colours 32

14 colours
1 natural and 13 stained versions. Stained boxes have slightly rustic, natural look with the grain of the wood still visible.

DSC04012 33

Engraving means burning wood. We engrave each logo at least twice to make sure it’s perfectly visible. 


Holds up to 100 prints.

Wall thickness – 8mm
Slot width – 9mm

250mm (2) 34


The boxes are personalised with laser engraving, which is the proces of burning wood. It means that personalisation on darker boxes is slightly less visible than lighter versions.

Don’t have your own design? Feel free to use one of our editable templates HERE

If you’d like the boxes individually engraved please get in touch.


All our timber is sourced with very strict Forest Stewardship regulations.
The boxes are shipped in plastic free packaging, each box inside it’s own cardboard box that you can-re-use for shipping.

wooden banana plastic free packaging


The boxes leave our warehouse within 10-15 working days and are delivered by UPS.
We’ll send you a tracking code when the courier picks up your parcel.

We ship worldwide from our base in EU. There should be no extra fees to pay on you end, but if for some reason you’ll have to pay something, we will simply refund it ( that includes UK, where we’re still trying to find a way to make Boris Johnson to pay those fees ;-) ).

Linen Folders

Beautifully handcrafted linen folders with the ribbon in the same colour. Each holds up to 30 6×4 ( 15x10cm ) prints.

Wooden Thank You Cards

A set of wooden thank you cards in the same colours as your box ( if you’d like different colour please let us know after the order ). Choose Square, Rectangular or Circle Version.

Jute String

Jute Bags


All our memory sticks come with premium 3.0 chip. The engraving of USBs, if available, is included in the price of the box set.

Wooden Block

wooden memory stick 42

Colours – Same as the box ( 14 available )
Engraving – Yes
Size – 8, 16, 32 GB

Additional information
Number of boxes

10, 20

USB Size

, , ,


Natural, Light oak, Dark oak, Walnut, Ebony, Wenge, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Pink, Teak, Light Grey, Rustic White

Site credit Tom Robak