Hello Wooden Banana lovers! It’s your boy Magic with the newest series of videos showcasing our top 3 wooden boxes for photographers for this week. Check out the video, cause the photos… they don’t do the justice here and let us know which products are your favourite ones!

1. Funky Banana – line of colourful boxes

If you feel like your brand is more funky than moody, how about deliver your photos in our wooden boxes painted in different colours?! Red, pink, green, blue – you choose what fits your brand more. These boxes add additional flavour to whole delivery experience to your clients. You can choose from few various products in our funky banana line, but if you want some other products to be painted funky – feel free to reach out.

Just like all the other boxes, these funky babies are made from the high quality alder wood. With the brighter colours your engraved logo will stand out even more giving the whole box a very strong feeling of your brand.

Check them out in our store HERE.

2. Lay flat Wooden Box

This box is actually Magic. It does look like a book, which makes it very similar to the our Book Shaped Wooden Box, but what makes it special is that this opens totally flat. The laser cut on the side is something extra, and turns the opening of the box into an experience. Imagine your clients keeping their precious memories on their shelf among their books and showing them off to their friends and family in the unique box like this. That’s pretty cool, ha?

On the technical note this box (just like all of our boxes) is made of strong, high quality alder wood and comes in 5 standard wood colours. Your engraved logo thanks to the wood choice is gonna look really good on it. Can hold up to 80 prints and USB stick in 3 sizes (8GB, 16GB and 32GB).

Visit our store HERE and check it out!

3. Wooden box for large prints

Ah! Time for my favourite new product! These are your BIG GUNS! You want to impress your clients even more?! Get them set of huge 8×12 prints in our Wooden Box for large prints. This is the next level. Your logo will look amazing in the big size engraved on the top cover and the big prints inside will make your clients shout WOW, when they open this package from you.

Again – super high quality alder wood that will age really well. Very solid box with your massive logo on the top. You gotta try this one out – go to our store and check it out HERE.

Thanks so much for watching! Let us know if you have any favourite photos or you have some cool ideas for us to make! We’re always listening!