PEELING BANANAS with Hannah Millard and Jacob Loafman

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Make content for photographers, not just the popular products! It is one of Wooden Banana New Year’s resolutions. Easier said than done, but we’ve done the first step, and yes, “it’s bananas”. What is it that we, photographers, do most of the time? It isn’t photographing for sure. We spend endless hours staring at computer screens, driving, hanging around airports or ferry terminals. In short, we spend a lot of time alone. That’s where your podcast app comes in handy, and there’s an abundance of good podcasts out there, but hey, we decided to make our own. At the point of this post is published we have three episodes ready, so to keep things short, here’s a two-word description of what the podcast is about: pure entertainment. According to our Wooden Banana institute of statistics, photographers are at high risk of dying of boredom while in a process of editing photos. We thought it would be a good idea to shift that and put you at risk of dying of laughter when you listen to our podcast. And that’s where our hosts come into the light. Hannah Millard, Jacob Loafman. Both amazing artists of course, but since you’re not here to look at their work, let’s just say their broadcasting skills are simply “bananas”.

Episode 1 – “Let’s break the ice”

Tune in and listen to the first episode “Let’s break the ice” and tag @woodenbananastore in your insta stories if you’re enjoying this!

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Hannah Millard aka Camera Hannah is a wedding photographer and filmmaker from Derbyshire, England. When she isn’t shooting weddings you can usually find her singing barbershop, eating breakfast food and hanging out with her three children.

IG @camerahannah

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Jacob Loafman is a photographer living in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, USA. His primary focus is to simply create interesting work. “Photography is just the medium I’ve found where I can express myself easily, so here we are.” He enjoys living on a lake, so he can hop on his boat and go fishing most days. Jacob also enjoys sneaking candy into movie theatres, because he loves the adrenaline rush.

IG @jacob_loafman

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