Here's our ( slightly behind )Instagram #365 project.
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This is a family project.

Forget the quality of wood, cover options or our engraving machines. This is not about the product. It’s about people. You, your clients, and a little bit about us.
We’re Mark, Beata and Hannah. We might not all be directly involved in day to day running of this little establishment, but our lives are equally affected by it. We’ve started this project few years ago, simply because we couldn’t find a good quality handcrafted packaging for our own work. Slightly unexpectedly it took over our lives. It turns out, there are more people like us out there. Those who believe that images deserve to live in a tangible form. Since then we’ve made 1000s of boxes, we’ve expanded our offer to memory sticks, albums and many other products. Most importantly, we’ve met you, and many amazing clients, who, quite often, became good friends.


We strive to deliver a product that does not only compliments your work, but plays an important role in growing your business. The pillars of our business are quality, flexibility and sustainability. The real foundation on which our business is build are people like you, our clients and their trust.


Our business operates through 2 warehouses based in Poland. The only places we don’t deliver are the moon and Mars, but we’ve got Elon Musk working on it.

What about your name?

A million dollar ( frequent ) question. What’s the origin of the name Wooden Banana? A thorough neurological examination on Mark’s brain would be the only way to find out. Sadly, he’s not too keen on it.