Packaging for photographersand videographers.

Forget online galleries    -    Forget cold digital downloads.Make your work real    -    Encase it in wood    -    Wrap it with stringFor photographers serious about the client experience.

COVID-19 Update - Business as usual.We've been working hard during the winter months to prepare for the busy season ahead, and have a large stock of boxes ready to be shipped. We've decided to reduce our manufacturing to minimum to protect our staff, and we've reorganised our admin and logistics department to allow everyone to work from home. At the moment we're able to fulfil all orders without any delays. Please email us if you require more information.

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studio photography packaging
studio photography packaging

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Studio photography packaging.

We”ve asked Marcin Gizycki, a photographer, graphic designer and Hasselbald Master 2018 to have a little play with our colourful Funky Banana line. The results simply blew us away and you can now see the images on our blog.

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